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Physical Education Curriculum Rationale 


Here at Mab Lane, we believe that all of our children are athletes. We want to build a love for sport and physical activity and for the children to have no limits to what their future wishes are. We want to embed our motto of ‘Only the Best’, and ensure that we provide the children with a rich and engaging curriculum. Many of our children love PE lessons and we aim to provide them with countless opportunities to create fond memories of sport and friendship.

Athletes such as Lisa Whiteside, boxing champion, and Jack Hunter-Spivey, a Paralympian table tennis champion, have inspired our children to reach beyond the classroom and try, try again to succeed. Through a range of sporting activities, our children develop key skills as they learn to play individually, in pairs or within a team. This helps to build communication and confidence within our school.


Curriculum Intent

The PE curriculum promotes curiosity and inspires children to succeed and excel in physically demanding activities. Also, it allows children to be ambitious and empowers them to become independent and resilient.

As our mission is to create a rich curriculum accessible to all of our children, we use the National Curriculum as the backbone of our PE curriculum to prepare them for the next chapter. We take many children to competitions to compete against other children in the city, this helps to create sportsmanship and a wider understanding of working with other people. Competitions are open to all children, for example, we attended a wheelchair basketball competition against other children in our network to build self-esteem and a love of a different sport.

Every year, we provide a memorable opportunity for children to attend a residential to build upon outdoor and adventurous skills. March 2020, will be our first abroad residential and this is a wonderful opportunity for our children that we hope will be remembered forever. We hope that this will only continue to develop a love for the outdoors that we have embedded from EYFS.

At Mab Lane we want to embed a love of learning within sport, create a space that children want to be physically active within a safe environment that allows them to build upon key skills with their peers.


Curriculum Implementation

Our PE curriculum is carefully crafted to ensure multiple learning opportunities and assessment key milestones guarantee progression and repetition in terms of embedding key learning, knowledge and skills. Regular assessment creates opportunities to observe progression throughout the years. Our curriculum is split into six main strands; invasion skills, dance, gymnastics, fitness, athletics and swimming for KS2. Our aim is to ensure the Year 6 children leave school being able to confidently swim 25 meters and have their water competency certificate.

We work alongside LSSP with a sports coach, who helps to support teachers with lesson planning, delivery and assessment areas. Lesson objectives are shared with the children and planning is provided for subject leaders.  We use this fantastic resource consistently. Through the company, our EYFS children have Balancability lessons. All years have opportunities to attend competitions against other schools; the children especially love the opportunity to go to The LFC Academy. This helps to motivate them during lessons, as we encourage our children to focus on the end goal.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle is a key aspect of Mab Lane life; it is embedded throughout the curriculum through PE, Science, PSHE and themed days. We want all children to have a good level of fitness, so teachers plan for daily activity and PE lessons carefully. Parental engagement is vital to our school, we have opportunities for our parents to attend workshops and work alongside their children. For example, each class creates a dance, which is then shown, to parents/carers at the end of the term. Children are proud of their achievements and it is important to share these moments with the people they care about.


Curriculum Impact

Staff use both formative and summative assessment in every PE lessons to inform planning and next steps. Data is inputted onto OTrack and subject leads then analyse progress against the key milestones, which have been mapped out and build upon each year. Our LSSP coach is fantastic with helping us measure progress and ensure that we are stretching our more able children. We believe that spending our sport spend on a coach has enabled our children to make the great progress that is evident.

Our children have various opportunities to be physically active throughout school life and we work alongside families to ensure children are active for at least 60 minutes a day. Our children are not afraid to try new sports and show resilience constantly throughout daily activity. They enjoy athlete visits and show a love for PE, as we have many children attending football matches and cross-country races that outside agencies run.

Recently, we were involved with the Get Set to Tokyo initiative, which led to a film crew coming into school to interview subject lead, children and their families. We are happy to report that we made it onto the final cut and it was a delight to show the children our achievements. 


The staff at Mab Lane are committed to providing an exciting curriculum, which helps to drive our children to be ‘Only the Best’. We want them to have no limits to their ambitions and grow up wanting to be nutritionists, sports athletes or gold medal winners.


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