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History at Mab Lane is taught  through a topic based approach via the Learning Challenge Curriculum. This gives our children a chance to explore a wide range of sources, from which the past may come alive.


We don't view History as simply facts and dates here, but see it as a chance to become a detective and explore the past in an exciting way! Providing opportunities for our children to be open minded and enquiring thinkers is at the centre of our teaching and learning .


We want our children to understand how people have lived in the past and begin to make links between the past and modern times. History allows our children to compare and contrast, to examine how and why things have changed, to learn about historical characters and expand their research skills.


How History looks at Mab Lane

Year One have been learning all about things that have changed since our grandparents were young. They have looked at toys through the ages and thought about what the toys could be for. They explored old and new toys and discussed how they had changed over the years.

Year Two have are currently studying why Britain has such a special History, by looking at some famous events and famous people. They are focusing in particular on George Stephenson and the importance of his inventions. They will be linking this topic to local history, looking at the Rainhill trials, The Rocket and the opening of the Liverpool to Manchester railway.

Year Three are learning all about The Greeks; reading and writing myths, creating Greek art and temples and even having the opportunity to come into school dressed like an Ancient Greek!

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Year Four have been learning all about the Romans. They will look at who the Romans were and whether they would have enjoyed coming to Britain. They will think about what Roman society was like and what the life of a Roman child would have entailed.

Year Five are learning all about the amazing Ancient Egyptians. We will look at when in time they lived, how they lived and what their roles were in society. They will be learning all about how mummies are made, why they built the pyramids, the Egyptian Gods and Pharaohs; especially Tutankhamun!

The children will have the exciting opportunity to become archaeologists for the day, taking part in an excavation of amazing artefacts like canopic jars, death masks and hieroglyphics.

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This term, Year 6 are learning all about WWII, with a particular focus on how the war affected our local area, and what it was like to live through the Liverpool Blitz, or to be evacuated out of the city. As part of their topic, they will be visiting the Liverpool War Museum and the Bombed Out Church, and interviewing some family members who were alive during the war. They have also created various cross-curricular links, such as reading Goodnight Mr Tom in their Guided Reading sessions, and creating some Remembrance Day-inspired poetry and artwork.