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Our Vision and Values


 ' Only the Best '


We believe that our children are capable of achieving the highest standards possible in all they do. We encourage and promote the children to be the best they can be academically, socially, spiritually and emotionally. This is why our school motto is… ‘Only the Best’.


Our school values have been chosen with the help of the pupils at Mab Lane and their parents/carers. The children and their families chose five values that they felt underpinned the ethos of our school. Out of the twenty different collected the school council chose the final five.


To go alongside our other values, it was important to have another value linking to our curriculum and school work. Perseverance was chosen by all staff to encourage the children not to give up on something they may find difficult, and through perseverance the children can achieve 'Only The Best'.


Our school values are:












Helpfulness                                                                                                                                                                                                      Perseverance



These values will be addressed through whole school assemblies, lessons and circle time, they will also permeate the whole curriculum. We will be looking at one value every half term.


Our values are the basis for the social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and moral development of the whole child. We will encourage children to consider these values and thereby to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable them to develop as reflective learners and grow to be stable, educated and civil adults.