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Little Rainbows

Little Rainbows Key Information


What is Little Rainbows?


Little Rainbows is a provision for 2 year olds at Mab Lane School. We opened in October 2014 and currently provide part time early education for sixteen children, eight in the morning session and eight in the afternoon session . It is run by two experienced Early Years Practitioners who have been part of Mab Lane for many years.


Early Years Outcomes


Learning takes place indoors and outdoors, including a range of directed activities and activities undertaken as part of continuous provision. Continuous Provision allows for independent learning in different enviroments. All of these will link to the Early Years Outcomes and the childrens interests.


What are Schemas?


Why do children line rows and rows of the same object up? Why do they develop fascinations with throwing or hiding?

Repetitive behaviour like this is known as schematic behaviour, and while it may seem odd, it is in fact a learning mechanism and a perfectly normal part of your child’s development.

Please talk to your child’s key person for more information on how you can support your child’s play schemas at home.


Our Routine


Welcome parents/carers and children

Continuous Provision

Focus Activity

Indoor/Outdoor Provision

Family Snack

Key Person time


The areas we have are:


Role play/dressing up

Reading corner

Music area

Creative area

Construction/Small world

Sensory area

Physical Room 


Key Person 


It is important that we have good communication between staff and parents/carers. We are available at the end of every day if you need to speak to us for any reason.


If you have any concerns or questions, remember we always have an open door and you can come and visit us any afternoon.

Alternatively you can ring the office on 0151 259 4282


Are you eligible?


You can qualify for a free place,from the term after your child turns two, if you are in receipt of the following:


  • Income Support

  • Job Seekers Allowance

  • Employment Support Allowance

  • Parent(s) in receipt of Child Tax Credit based on an income of less than 16,190 and NOT in receipt of Working Tax Credit, or

  • Be a looked after child by the Local Authority.

This week the children have been enjoying lots of activities linked to Chinese New Year and activities linked to their own interests.