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Learning during school closure


During this time I will be putting a task on Twitter and school website each day. We would love to see any photographs/videos of you completing these tasks. 


Task 1:

Can you find 5 objects in your house? They can be different objects or the same but you have to ensure there is exactly 5. You can check by counting. Challenge: repeat but looking for 10


Task 2: 

Your task today is to draw a picture of yourself and talk about it with your grown up. I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures on Twitter.


Task 3: 

Your learning Challenge is a physical task: Can you choose a yoga video to complete from Cosmic Kids? search Cosmic Kids Yoga

There is Spider-Man, Frozen, bear hunt etc which one will you choose? 


Task 4: 


Can you help your grown up make some breakfast/lunch/Dinner? I wonder what you will make!

Task 5: 

Can you make your very own tent/den and read your favourite story inside? You can make it out of lots of household items such as bedsheets etc 


Task 6:

‪Can you fill some water in a tray/bowl and with your finger/stick can you write some letters of your name. If you can write your name and are on phase 2 phonics an extra challenge for you to practice some sounds eg ‘s’ ‘a’ ‘t’‬

Task 7: Can you find three things at home that begin with the same sound as your name?


Task 8:

Can your adult cut out some shapes eg circle, triangle, square, hexagon. You have to listen very carefully to which shape is shouted out and run that shape ðŸ”´ðŸ”ºðŸ”¶ðŸŸ©♥️


Task 9:

Today's task is to sing your favourite nursery rhymes banging on a drum to the rhythm of the beat. Your drum could be a pot or a pan! Challenge: When your grown up raises their hand remember to stop! You can swap roles with your grown up.


Below are some links to websites you could use with your child.

Thank you for your amazing continued support during this time.

Welcome to Nursery!


Miss Kelly is our class teacher. Mrs Ellis also help us with our learning. 

The morning session runs 8.30am-11.30am. 

The afternoon session runs 12.30pm-3.30pm.

We also provide 30 hours for any families that qualify and meet the criteria. 


In Early Years we provide a child led curriculum that follows the children's interests and encourages children in child initiated learning. Children are encouraged to bring items of interest in, which we will incorporate into our planning. By responding to children's interests, we hope to foster enthusiasm as well as a real love and passion for learning. 


We encourage lots of learning in the outdoor environment, in all seasons. Please provide a coat and suitable outdoor shoes for your child to explore!


Follow us on Twitter to see the exciting things the children have been doing in Nursery.

@MissKellyMLP @MrsEllisMLP

Home Learning

Below is a link to help parents/carers with any home learning you may want to provide for your child. It provides guidance on your child's learning and development. 

Home learning books are given out Friday and expected back in school for Wednesday. Below is a link for this weeks home learning task.


Afternoon Nursery Christmas trip 2019