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Welcome to Nursery!


Miss Kelly is our class teacher. Mrs Ellis and Miss Lee (am) also help us with our learning.


The morning session runs 8.30-11.30.

The afternoon session runs 12.30-3.30.

We also provide 30 hours for any families that qualify and meet the criteria. 


In Early Years we provide a child led curriculum that follows the children's interests and encourages children in child initiated learning. Children are encouraged to bring items of interest in, which we will incorporate into our planning. By responding to children's interests, we hope to foster enthusiasm as well as a real love and passion for learning. 


Home learning books are are given out Friday and expected back in school for Tuesday. 


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What have we been doing?


we played a listening game today where Miss Kelly read out a description of a minibeast and we had to match it up to the correct minibeast. We have been challenged to try and play this independently with our friends throughout the week. 

This week we began speaking about minibeasts. Together we went on a minibeast hunt and came back into class and discovered some minibeast addition and counting activities were left for us. We tried so hard on this. 

Today we had lots of fun activities out within continuous provision. These children enjoyed ordering it the Hungry Caterpillar ate from biggest to smallest. 

one of our favourite stories is Little Red Riding Hood. We spoke about our favourite character from this story! 
we loved celebrating world book day 2019 with our favourite stories in our favourite character outfits! 
we enjoyed creating our own topping choices on our pancakes this week for Shrove Tuesday. We also began practicing writing some addition sentences and looking at what the add and equals sign means. 

we had a fantastic celebration for Chinese New Year in nursery. We shared lots of new experiences such as trying different Chinese foods and sharing our opinion of them, counting our lucky Chinese coins, ordering numbers on a Chinese dragon and role playing our very own Chinese restaurant. A big thanks to a parent who brought a Chinese lion head into school, the children were so grateful for the opportunity to try this on! 

We had so much fun creating our own stories. We are going to put them into the writing area to write our own stories and then put them into the reading area. Next time you’re in our nursery come and have a read! 

Home learning task support 1/2/19

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We love our child initiated time! 
To continue with our transport theme we learned how to cross the road safely with the help of Supercats rules STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK! Here we are putting what we learned into practice.  
We have been reading Naughty Bus in nursery and have completed so many exciting activities such as taking photographs of the naughty bus in different areas around school to create our own naughty bus book. We also made our own buses using cardboard boxes and different shapes. 
We welcomed the children back to school after the Christmas break. They told us all about their favourite presents and could recall the exicting things they did over the holidays. 
We had lots of fun during our last week of Autumn term. We had a visit from Santa, played lots of Christmas games such as throw the ball in the snowman, pass the Christmas present parcel, musical bumps/statues. We were amazing at this game and took turns, had fun sharing and listened carefully to instructions. 
We took part in our very first nativity and carol concert. Our teachers were so proud of us! Visit Miss Kelly's twitter page to view the videos. 
We had so much fun on our Christmas trip to Imagine That! We loved travelling by coach and learnt how to put our seatbelts on to keep us safe, got to paint/make our own Christmas ornaments, paint a real car, play in a huge sand/water area, view science shows and make bath bombs! Thank you to all the parent/carers who came along to help. 
This week we have had lots of fun decorating our Christmas tree, we took turns to each put a bauble on the tree. We also got to take part in exciting things such as writing our own Christmas letters to Santa, wrapping presents to send to the north pole for the elves and practicing our names on the nice list. 
We have been learning all about Antarctica this week and were really surprised when a penguin came to visit us! He brought his book to explain how he ended up in our classroom and where he was from. Please ask us about this as we have loved chatting about how he was feeling when he was lost and how he felt when he found his mum again. We researched different animals in Antarctica and how they can live in such cold conditions, made igloos out of marshmallows and icing sugar and even 'fed' some penguins using dice to give him the correct amount.

We learned a new nursery rhyme ‘A sailor went to sea’. We looked around us to see what we could see, see, see from our ship. Some children thought they could see an octopus, fish and even a shark! 


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For #NurseryRhymeWeek we learnt lots of new nursery rhymes and practiced some we already knew. We sang 5 currant buns and had a shop in our class with money and playdough to make our own currant buns and practice our counting skills buying them. We also practiced round and round the garden, I’m a little teapot and decorated our own teapot. We practiced Humpty Dumpty and built a safe wall for him. When we came into nursery to a crime scene today. Humpty Dumpty had fallen off the wall. Some children thought he was pushed by the big bad wolf and some thought Incy Wincy. Others thought the wall was just unsafe and he fell. We then conducted an experiment using different materials, paper, bubble wrap and a blanket. We wrapped Humpty Dumpty in each material and talked about which one we think would help save Humpty Dumpty. We then tested our theory out and allowed Humpty Dumpty to fall off the wall. We opened each material to see which was the best. We were right the paper was the worst and the blanket was the best as it was the thickest. 

For #AntiBullyingWeek we spoke about friendships today in nursery. We looked at how we can be a good friend, what things our friends like and these children gave their friends a big hug to celebrate!

Thank you so much once again for all your kind donations of money and cakes for Children in Need. The children had a fantastic day and even got to make their own pudsey mask!

We went on a hunt for Elmer as he had escaped from Chester zoo! 🐘 he left some clues around for us, he ate our snack, had a poo on our playground and even rubbed his colourful coat on our shed! We even forgot to take photographs of our hunt for you all as we were all so engaged! Then the postman arrived with a card and a present. We opened it and we couldn’t believe what it was. Elmer and the zoo sent us a thank you card and some cakes to replace our snack.

We had lots of fun splashing in puddles and discussing why it rains and where the water goes afterwards 🌧 ☔️ 

We have been focusing on the festival of Halloween this week. The children have been decorating pumpkins, counting out pumpkin seeds, creating playdough pumpkins and we even had a special Halloween disco to celebrate. We then spoke about bonfire night and keeping safe on bonfire night.  We had special visitors come in to tell us all about all the dangers of fire and fireworks. We were so lucky we even got to try on a firefighters uniform and sit in the engine. 

We have been looking at giants after the giant spectacular was in Liverpool. The children have been decorating a shape giant, making giants faces using playdough and even finding books with giants in the stories! 

We went on an autumn walk and discussed what happens to our environment at this time of year. We found out the leaves change colour slowly to red, orange, brown and yellow. We looked on the floor around us and noticed there were lots of conkers and acorns around us. We wondered why the might fall out of the trees and who might need the nuts. This led to lots of discussions around animals we see a lot at autumn. 
A big thank you to all parents/carers who attended our Macmillan Coffee Morning and to all those who donated cakes for our event. We really appreciate your support. 
Our first topic of the year was superhero’s. We looked at one superhero in particular ‘Supertato’. The children had lots of fun painting with vegetables, making superhero masks, squashing the naughty peas and even role playing their own fruit and veg shop. There was lots of talk about where we get vegetables from with some suggestions of the supermarket and our fridge at home but after lots of research on the computer we found out some vegetables grow on vines and a vegetable patch.