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In Mab Lane we LOVE reading! We have a fantastic library, full of fun and exciting books, and cosy spaces to read. We have wonderful reading areas in every classroom – reading caves, comfy couches, and even a bed where we can snuggle up for bedtime stories! Every few weeks we have an exciting reading event to celebrate, and all year round we have some fantastic groups and activities, all about READING!


Liverpool Reading Quality Mark

Liverpool Reading Quality Mark 1 We were proud to get our award at Central Library!

Reading Buddies

In Key Stage Two, we love our Reading Buddies! Children from Years 3 and 5, and 4 and 6, have been paired up for some one-to-one reading time every week. We read with the same partner every week, and our teachers have seen lots of improvement, both in those reading and those being read to as well! As well as enjoying stories together, we also talk about what’s happened in each part, and ask questions to check everyone understands. Next term, we want to do Reading Buddies in Key Stage One too!


Reading Buddies

Reading Café

Every Thursday, we have Reading Café after school in the library! We share books together, talk about what we’ve been reading, and curl up on the couches with hot chocolate to listen to some stories. In addition, we can go on Bug Club or Reading Plus on the iPads. Children from Year 2 all the way up to Year 6 come to Reading Café every week, and parents are invited too!

Reading Competitions

Who’s the best reader in Mab Lane?? We have some very exciting competitions going on at the moment, all about reading. Firstly, there is our Catch me Reading spider web! If you bring in a photo of yourself reading in an unusual place, you may get caught in our web in the library. We’ve had some weird and wonderful entries already – Michael on a Lambanana, Julia on a trampoline, Eve-Lily on a rollercoaster, Abbie upside-down….


Also, we are currently running the 100 Book Challenge. Teachers across the country voted for the top 100 books that all children should read before they leave primary school, and we are challenging our children, staff and parents to read as many of them as they can! You can find the checklists in the foyer; see how many you’ve read!


On Valentine’s Day, we offered children across the school a heartBlind Date with a Bookheart. A variety of books were wrapped in plain paper, and children could choose one at random to read. Once they had read it and completed a book review to check their understanding, they could then come to Miss Rimmer and get a special Valentine’s treat.

Reading Events


In Spring Term, our school will be celebrating World Book Day. Last year we had a Bedtime Stories theme... how should we celebrate this year?

Do you have any ideas about how we can make reading even better? Come and see Miss Flynn if you do – I’d love to hear all your suggestions!