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Religious Education Curriculum Rationale 2021/22

Here at Mab Lane, we believe that all of our children can reach for the stars. We want to build upon a foundation of understanding values, recognising different faiths, developing social skills and appreciating cultural influences. We want to embed our motto of ‘Only the Best’, and ensure that we provide the children with a rich and engaging curriculum, which works alongside SMSC. Many of our children love Religious Education lessons and we aim to provide them with countless opportunities to create a well-rounded individual who reflects and provokes challenging questions.


Curriculum Intent

The Religious Education curriculum promotes curiosity and contributes to personal development as children are allowed to explore a range of beliefs and build mutual respect for the community. It allows children to be ambitious and empowers them to become independent, respectful and resilient.

As our mission is to create a rich curriculum accessible to all of our children, we use the National Curriculum guidance and the SACRE Liverpool plans as the backbone of the Religious Education curriculum to prepare them for later life. We also engage in visits to places of worship, for example, we attend our local church, St Luke’s for Christmas and Easter services. The children are encouraged to participate in the services and they get a real sense of the Christian celebrations.  

At Mab Lane, we want to embed a love of learning by creating a space that children can be informed, question and respond with opinions and beliefs within a safe environment that allows them to build upon key skills with their peers. Our space promotes an ethos of respect for others, challenge stereotypes and builds understanding of human rights.

Our key values; honesty, respect, happiness, positivity, helpfulness and perseverance are embedded into our curriculum and these values help to create a child who has an open mind and is accepting of all people.


Curriculum Implementation

Our Religious Education curriculum is carefully crafted to ensure multiple learning opportunities and key milestones guarantee progression and repetition in terms of embedding key learning, knowledge and skills. Regular assessment creates opportunities to observe progression throughout the years. Our curriculum follows the Liverpool SACRE plans; this syllabus aims to allow children to explore through themes drawing on beliefs from a range of different faiths and worldviews.

Through SMSC, we promote a range of opportunities and responsibilities to promote well-being and personal development. We aim to develop the children’s understanding and appreciation of diversity and this then leads to promoting community cohesion.


Curriculum Impact

Staff use both formative and summative assessment in every Religious Education lesson to inform planning and next steps. Data is inputted onto OTrack and subject leads then analyse progress against the key milestones, which have been mapped out and build upon each year. Subject leads carry out monitoring of the Religious Education floorbooks and learning walks regularly. In addition, pupil audits ensure that our Religious Education curriculum is stimulating and teaches about the culture that we are surrounded by.

Our children have a varied knowledge of different beliefs and the variety of different celebrations around the world. We enable children to build their sense of identity and belonging, consider their responsibilities and develop respect for others.

We encourage Religious Education lessons to be taught weekly, and current affairs are discussed through Newsround or during themed days. Religious, moral and social questions are shared within our school and this has enable children to learn and encourages participation from all.


The staff at Mab Lane are committed to providing an exciting curriculum, which is practical and accessible to all. We encourage staff to allow time for discussion and reflection in all topics and to learn through religion, not just about religion.

We want our children to have no limits to their ambitions and grow up wanting to be lecturers, leaders or working within our community.


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