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At Mab Lane, we take part in daily Phonics lessons, we teach discrete, systematic phonics to help the children to learn to read, write and spell. We have a 20 minute session every day and the children are grouped into sets depending where they are up to in the program. Letters and Sounds is split into six phases and these are taught from Nursery up until Year 2 alongside the Local Authority plans for phonics.


Phonics Progression

Nursery - Phase 1

Reception - Phase 2/3

Year 1 - Phase 3/4 and Year 1 Phonics

Year 2 - Year 1/Year2 Phonics 


If you have any questions or would simply like some more information please feel free to chat to your child's class teacher.

Each session at Mab Lane is fast, fun and multisensory and follows a clear sequence as follows.


Introduction - We explain to the children what they will be learning today and get them enthusiastic and motivated for the session.


Revisit and review - The children will play a quickfire game to practise something they have learned before and help build their confidence.


Teach - The children are taught a new sound or a new skill - this will be taught in a fun multisensory way and may well involve: songs, actions, pictures, puppets, writing giant letters in the air.


Practise - The children play fast, fun games to practise the new thing they have just learned.


Apply - The children will have a quick go at reading or writing sentences that involve the new thing they have just learned.

Each of these sections lasts a few minutes at most.

Outside of the phonics session we give lots of opportunities to apply the new skills that they have learned in all the lessons that they do. The more opportunities they are given the sooner they will become confident with these skills.

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Phonics Activities in Mab Lane