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Click here for home learning tasks for Nursery during school closure

Learning during school closure


During this time I will be putting a task on Twitter and school website each day. We would love to see any photographs/videos of you completing these tasks. 


Task 1:

Can you find 5 objects in your house? They can be different objects or the same but you have to ensure there is exactly 5. You can check by counting. Challenge: repeat but looking for 10


Task 2: 

Your task today is to draw a picture of yourself and talk about it with your grown up. I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures on Twitter.


Task 3: 

Your learning Challenge is a physical task: Can you choose a yoga video to complete from Cosmic Kids? search Cosmic Kids Yoga

There is Spider-Man, Frozen, bear hunt etc which one will you choose? 


Task 4: 

Can you help your grown up make some breakfast/lunch/Dinner? I wonder what you will make!

Task 5: 

Can you make your very own tent/den and read your favourite story inside? You can make it out of lots of household items such as bedsheets etc 


Task 6:

‪Can you fill some water in a tray/bowl and with your finger/stick can you write some letters of your name. If you can write your name and are on phase 2 phonics an extra challenge for you to practice some sounds eg ‘s’ ‘a’ ‘t’‬

Task 7: Can you find three things at home that begin with the same sound as your name?


Task 8:

Can your adult cut out some shapes eg circle, triangle, square, hexagon. You have to listen very carefully to which shape is shouted out and run that shape ðŸ”´ðŸ”ºðŸ”¶ðŸŸ©♥️


Task 9:

Today's task is to sing your favourite nursery rhymes banging on a drum to the rhythm of the beat. Your drum could be a pot or a pan! Challenge: When your grown up raises their hand remember to stop! You can swap roles with your grown up.


Task 10:

Can you find some items of nature either in your garden or on your daily walk to make a lovely ‘nature frame’


Task 12:

Can you talk to an adult about one of your favourite memories? It might be something you did in school, at home, somewhere you have visited.


task 13: 

I Spy Time – Look out of the window and play ‘I Spy’. Make is as simple or as difficult as you need to. Ask questions while you play, “What can you see in front of the red car?”. Play I-spy with colours or shapes, for example ‘I spy, with my little eye, something coloured blue’ or something square’ you can add phonics into your learning by using first sounds eg. ‘Something beginning with ssss’ or ‘C-A-T’


If you go back onto the Nursery page there are also some links to websites you could use with your child.

Thank you for your amazing continued support during this time.