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Welcome to Year 5!

Miss Holt is our class teacher and Mr Roberts is our LSA. 

Please follow us on Twitter for updates and photographs of our Year Five journey




On Mondays we have PE and this term we have swimming on Tuesdays. Please ensure that all children have a full PE kit which consists of shorts, a white t-shirt and black pumps. For swimming, children require a swimming costume or trunks and a swimming cap. No earrings or jewellery should be worn.



Homework is handed out on a Friday and should be brought in no later than the following Wednesday. There will be a spelling test every Friday morning following on from the spellings handed out the previous week.

Please read with your children each night and help them to practice their times tables up to 12x12.

We have a times tables challenge in Year Five; each week we will be tested on a particular table. If we get the whole test right, we gain a star, which in turn leads to a level. For 5 & 10s, we gain a Bronze Award, for 2, 4 & 8s, we gain a Silver Award, for 3, 6 & 9s, we achieve a Gold Award, for 7s, Platinum and if we know all of our times tables, including 11 & 12s, we become Diamond Award holders.

Bring your reading folder in each day and try to read for a few minutes each night to help you become a star reader!


What we're learning this term: 


In English this half term, Year Five will be learning about Legends and how they differ from Myths by having a possible basis of truth. We will look in particular at Arthurian legends, such as The Sword in the Stone and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. 

After this topic, we will be moving onto instructions. We will look at the features of instructions, what they are used for and how to write the perfect set of instructions. 


In Maths, we have moved onto Fractions, Decimals and Percentages, learning how to find equivalent fractions, how to compare and order fractions, as well as add, subtract and multiply by fractions and whole numbers. We will also be able to convert from a decimal, to percentage and a fraction.


Our Science topic this half term is Materials, a firm favourite in 5H! Children will be learning all about what materials are and the difference between natural and man made. They will also discover that materials can be changed from one form to another and that sometimes the changes are reversible, however they can also be irreversible and cannot be changed back to their original state.


In History, we will be learning about one of Miss Holt's favourite ever topics; The Ancient Egyptians. We will be learning about who the Ancient Egyptians were and what their daily lives were like. We will also look at the importance of the River Nile and how they built the pyramids. We're so lucky to have an exciting trip to the World Museum planned to learn about the process of mummification and how to mummify a dummy mummy! 


We will be using the Ancient Egyptian topic as an influence for our Art topic, as we will be looking at Ancient Egyptian portraits and will recreate some of the most famous.


Year Five have started to study Spanish this year have learnt how to greet others, how to say their name, their age and ask how others are. They will then move on to learning all about numbers and colours in Spanish. ¡Excelente!






English - retelling and role playing a Legend

PSHE - Making a paper chain to help when we're feeling sad

Our Class Assembly - Remembrance Day