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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher - Mrs. L. Walwyn & Miss. L. Morgan

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs. V. Rogers


Senior Management Team

SENCO - Mrs. V. Rogers

EYFS Lead - Mrs. H. Snape

KS1 Lead - Miss. J. Flynn

KS2 Lead - Miss. N. Groves



Little Rainbows - Miss. T. Hart / Mrs. C. Hadfield

Sunflower Room  (afternoons) - Miss. S. Pye

Nursery am. - Mrs. J. Briggs / Mrs S Tomkins

Nursery pm. - Miss. K. Kelly / Mrs. S. Tomkins

Reception - Mrs. H. Snape / Miss. K. Kelly/ Mrs. K. Ellis

Year 1 -Miss. J. Flynn / Miss. K. Myers

Year 1/2 - Mrs. E. McLaughlin / Mr. S. Roberts

Year 2 - Mrs. V. Rogers / Mrs. D. Worrall

Year 2 pm - Mr. S. Roberts / Mrs. D. Worrall

Year 3 - Miss. N. Groves / Mrs. L. Meadows

Year 4 - Miss. S. Nelson / Mrs. K. Hollingsworth

Year 5 - Miss. S. Holt / Miss. E. Carroll

Year 6 - Miss. M. Rimmer / Mrs. L Thomas / Mrs. S. Pye



Admin Office Staff

Mrs. P. Sewards

Miss. A. Lee




Site Manager

Roy Hamilton 


Sports Assistant

Coach Rory Burns